Corn on the Cob, on the Grill

This is how my husband likes to make our corn when we’re having a cookout. It comes out so sweet and delicious – perfectly steamed with that buttery, salty goodness all over it! ( I’m drooling as I write.) And if you grill it long enough, it gets just a bit of that smoky, charred flavor on the edges. Once you cook corn this way, you can never go back.

Corn on the Cob on the Grill

2 ears of corn
2 tablespoons of butter, softened
Salt to taste

First, heat up your grill to medium or medium-high heat. Next, shuck your ears of corn and be sure to remove all the silk. Next, take one tablespoon of butter per ear and rub the butter all over the corn kernels. Sprinkle on all sides with salt to taste. Then wrap your ears up with tin foil, sealing tightly at the ends (to prevent drippage).

Place your corn directly on the grill and cook, covered, for about 15-20 minutes. The kernels will be tender to the touch when it’s ready.

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