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Wednesday, 31 December, 2008

Oreo Truffles with a Peppermint Twist

So I’ve been hearing so much buzz about how amazing Oreo truffles are – I thought I’d try them, but with a peppermint twist. Instead of using Oreos, I used Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe cookies. They are basically just like Oreos, with a peppermint-cream filling.

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Tuesday, 30 December, 2008

Fruitcake… Cookies?

I really don’t like fruitcake. At all. I know this is very “un-vintage” of me. Maybe it’s the creepy little mystery bits of neon-colored candies. Or maybe it’s the dense and soggy texture. Or the weird flavors.

However, I am married to a man who loves fruitcake. So in a valiant attempt to do something sweet for my dear hubby, I decided to transform fruitcake this holiday season into something better, something yummy, or at least something not quite so creepy and mysterious.

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Monday, 29 December, 2008

Italian Stuffed Peppers

I made up an awesome recipe tonight using a few ingredients we had on hand. We’re going out of town tomorrow, so I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of groceries. Plus, we’ve been eating so much heavy food over the holidays that we were both in the mood for something light and fresh! This hit the spot!

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Sunday, 28 December, 2008

Hush Puppies

My hubby’s favorite wedding gift that we received is our little fry daddy. It’s small – just the right size for making appetizers for our friends or making dinner for the two of us. When we’re feeling particularly indulgent, we’ll have a fish fry night: fried fish, fried potatoes, and hush puppies. Since we’re about to start our New Year’s diet, we wanted to splurge by having one last fish fry. Here is our recipe for hush puppies – they are delicious!!!

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Friday, 26 December, 2008

Monkey Bread

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is to make Monkey Bread – it’s perfect because you can fix it the night before, leave it out to rise overnight, and then pop it in the oven on Christmas morning. Here’s my Aunt Cathie’s recipe that we love.

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Wednesday, 24 December, 2008

Bloggin’ and Yule Loggin on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve, dear readers! I am happily spending my day doing some last minute baking and wrapping.

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Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

Betty Crocker’s Gingerbread Boys

Since I had already made my usual Gingerbread Men recipe earlier this season, I decided that I would branch out and try a new one for my second round of cookies this year.

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Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

Poulet Avec La Vache Qui Rit

I grew up eating Laughing Cow Cheese on crackers, but never actually cooked with it until I went to France as a foreign exchange student in high school.

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Thursday, 18 December, 2008

Marvelous Marbled Peppermint Bark

What could be more festive and full of holiday cheer than beautifully swirled peppermint bark!?!

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Wednesday, 17 December, 2008

Nanny’s Yorkshire Pudding

My maternal grandmother (“Nanny”) has definitely been my greatest source of inspiration, encouragement, and education in the kitchen! She is English/Canadian, so a lot of her recipes have come from that traditional heritage. One of the meals my mom remembers from growing up was the traditional Sunday Roast with potatoes, veggies, and Yorkshire Puddings.

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