Can I use the cast iron?

Cornbread 1

My husband, the cornbread expert. My husband, the cornbread purist. My husband, Mr. Southern Boy, told me tonight: “Baby, this cornbread is just beautiful.”

Now the receipt of this compliment is a remarkable accomplishment in my life for several reasons. But the primary reason is this: I actually made this cornbread.

I, a supposed “outsider” to true southern culture, due to the fact that I grew up in Atlanta with Yankees for parents, made this cornbread.

I, the “city girl” who somehow managed to steal a country boy’s heart, made this cornbread, and it was not under the close supervision of my Southern Boy hubby.

I, the timid cook who still asks her husband’s permission every time she dares to pick up one of the precious kitchen tools that found their original home in that his granny’s farmhouse kitchen, made this cornbread, and it even had “extra foo-foo stuff” in it. And he still said that it was “just beautiful.”

So you KNOW this stuff has GOT to be good!

Cornbread 2

Corny Corny Cornbread

Prepare Southern Boy’s Cornbread as directed, but add to the batter:
1/2 cup fresh or frozen corn kernels

Serve with your favorite soup or chili!

My Southern Boy likes it sliced like this with a thick pad of butter.

Cornbread 2

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