Yes, I am that annoying newlywed…

. . . who wants to tell you all about her wedding. Well, the food anyway.

I’ve been wanting to do a post on the food we had at our wedding for a while now. We got married on October 4, 2008 in Athens, GA, and in my oh-so-humble opinion, we had the best food of any wedding ever. Period. 🙂

Let me start with a post about our rehearsal dinner. We had the local barbecue place in our little town cater it. The menu: a whole hog, pork rinds, cole slaw, beans, brunswick stew, and banana pudding. It was so relaxed, and the food was delicious. Here are some photos.

Here is the setting – it was a beautiful day!

This is the buffet table.
I love the glass beverage containers that my sister in law found!
All of our flowers were done by Gardenia Floral Design – they rock!

Party favors were local honey from the UGA Honey Bee Program,
which is part of the Entomology Department.
My father in law actually got to go to the lab and draw the honey himself.
My mother in law is responsible for the super-cute UGA-colored packaging.
Not to mention that this is some of the best honey I’ve ever tasted.

And here is my husband’s groom’s cake!
Modeled after his very first car – a 1973 VW super beetle.
All our cakes came from Cecilia Villaveces Cakes in Athens, GA. They are wonderful!

Here’s the hog!

It was the perfect rehearsal dinner party, and our friends and family from all over the country (er, the world, I guess, since we had folks from Canada and Mexico in attendance) really enjoyed tasting all of the southern delicacies!

Look for a post on our wedding menu in the next few days! It had quite the southern flair, too!

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